Monday, July 25, 2011

20 members protested the party PAS PAS support Ambiga

Disappointed with the principle of struggle and change in top leadership, 20 members of PAS, including a former headman here acting out and accompany Parti UMNO in Isnin.
Former prince Gong mukim Jackfruit Zakaria Mat Husin said PAS has now changed and as if no longer sure of the cause.
"PAS is now more important: crony rather than the will of religion," he said when met at the majlis preachers of "Goodbye PAS, PAS chock Ambiga We Disappear", in Kampung Alor Pasir, Pasir Puteh Kelantan.
Zakaria also berazam to attract approximately 1.400 pengundi UMNO PAS in the region contributed to the choice of public highway is coming.
Former PAS Youth Chief Mohd cawangan Alor Pasir Jizi Omar also said he decided to come out after the Parti PAS disappointed by the failure to fulfill the promise option off the public highway.
Meanwhile, Chairman of Pasir Puteh UMNO Courant Zawawi Othman present at the majlis, said until now about 3.000 members act out the Parti PAS and UMNO accompany.
This is said to give confidence to the Barisan Nasional to seize kerusi Parlimen Pasir Puteh and four kerusi Invitations Council of State under it namely Limbongan, Selising, Gaal and Semerak on public highways choice later.


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