Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gold bounces critical of the singer Boy George and makes threats on Twitter

Former champion BBB and the tenth edition of "Big Brother Brazil", Marcelo Dourado, used her Twitter to speak ill of the singer Boy George, who at the time the reality campaigned to eliminate the fighter program.
Golden said he was reading the clippings "10 BBB" and gave his message to the singer: "I was here reading newspaper clippings about the bbb 10. I would say to Mr. / Mrs. Boy Geoge that garbage (organic) is he (sic) perpetrator of fans and reporters. " In another post, the fighter made one more outburst: "Boy george ... ... quaquaquaqua coitado.nada against, but loses to a transvestite's central prison ..".

Then, Marcelo Dourado gave three warnings in a threatening tone. Check out:

"WARNING (1): Not to have appeared in the media and the guys find themselves intimate q may find it my own or can say whatever he wants. Respect is good."
"WARNING (2): The internet's a false sense of security, based on the cowardice of anonymity or distance."
"WARNING (3): Respect is not toothpaste, but keeps smiling .. CAUTION: twitter bites, and the owner too. Invaders Must Be destroid, Strength & Honour forever."

Source: on the small screen


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